The blade not adopted had a flat blade with plastic Resinox pommel. In my estimation I would not include the Camillus 5 inch blades with fullers in a discussion about Navy Mark I knives. Some shady knife enthusiasts might want to get the knife from you at a steal price or in a swap deal for something else. USMC Raider reproduction with fine pewter handle. | Privacy. Not Adopted, Case and Catt got the Q knife Knife shows signs of having been sharpened a few times but blade is still pretty full. On some models the end washers are made of plastic instead of leather. 539. This is what Camillus was thinking about at the end of the war, Force survival kit knife. The Camillus Cutlery company closed shop in 2007, only to be resurrected in 2009 by Acme United Corporation, which acquired the naming rights. Camillus Manufactures a Quality Hunting Knife, Folding Knife & Fixed Blade Knife with a Lifetime Warranty. Yes it is WW2 period. Throughout the Vietnam War, Camillus produced the GI four-blade utility knife, the pilot survival knife andthe U.S. Marine Corps 7-inch Mark II., (Authors note: Camillus had developed the Mark II during World War II, and made more Mark IIs than anyone else, though the Marines stillcalled the Camillus-designed Mark II knife the Ka-Bar.). M8 (1st Model): Made of fiber, metal and spun cotton canvas. Sweeping grind. Only the same "Camillus N.Y." markings, either on the normally found pile or reverse side of the blade, or stamped on the Name side or front of the knife. blade with S numbers. St Louis with Indian Trail grooved bone and large rivets. You will find pictures, dates of use, & short descriptions of most. Originally there were supposed to be eight grooves, but some companies generally used to six to seven. VINTAGE CRAFTSMAN FORGED STEEL SCOUTS SCOUT CAMP SURVIVAL FOLDING POCKET KNIFE KNIVES OLD CAMILLUS? You have to be careful with this one as it is very similar to a few others. in the handle grip from the looks of it. Like the stamp shown directly above this one, you have to be careful as it is very similar to a few others. and took them with me when the auction was over. Like every other knife Ive dated, the Camillus knives are challenging in their way. Got an old Camillus knife from my dad today. This exact knife is pictured in the Parsons article on page 207 of Military Knives, a Reference Book.. The 4th is actually the result of the assembly of blades of the 2nd type and guards of the 3rd type. Camillus started making the JPSKs in 1959. While some are very rare, such as the L-76, L-77, Bushman and USMC parachutist knives, several examples are more ubiquitous. These are the remaining items that were left in the Camillus factory show Note that the letters non-italic & the underline extends the full length of the letters in the word "CAMILLUS". Your email address will not be published. Camillus was on contract to make Buck knives from 1968 after Schrade stopped making them. Frank reports that Marbles was supplying the Ideal to the Government as early as 1934. Add to Cart. knife that was adopted. capt14k, ONE CAMILLUS 1960 US Military Survival Pocket Knife . In the testing Western won the contract small file transitional Camillus WW2 pilots knife.jpg. Knife has been used, carried, and resharpened and has loads of patina, but still has a lot of useful life left in it. steel dome pins. the Above JPK and the Marbles in the 1953 to 1957 time frame. Here is an image of my fullered 5 inch blade next to the saber ground blade knife. The total quantity of M3 manufactured in this short period of time was about 2,590,240 pieces. The M3 had many variations, including added spacers at the guard and pommel end, or piening the tang over to hold the pommel in place as opposed to pinning the pommel onto the tang. So your knife would have been made during that interval. Used but is solid. Knife. It is marked U.S.N over MARK I. Navy didn't agree. The good news is that I found multiple ways to determine how old your Camillus knife is. A German himself, and having spent enough time in the U.S.A. to know the market landscape, this business venture was not difficult for him. Knife has them in stock. We place the WW II era The M1918 mk1 is kept and distributed while stocks last. Dec 18, 2014. ). The washers are delimited by the guard on one side and the pommel washer on the other. One of the Camillus military knife design dates back to World War II. Posted December 7, 2019. The company quit referencing the date after 1915, but started back up in its later days preceding bankruptcy. Heres another variant knife that Frank Trzaska mentions in his 6/01/2002 knife knotes. Once you open the link you can either scroll about have way down and look for the title "bright blades", or put it into the find function and let the machine do the work. Some of these washers have a smaller diameter in order to form grooves to facilitate gripping. flat sided pommel to be used for hammering prior to the adoption of the hex It was 12 inches long with a 7-inch blade. He started importing and selling German-made knives to his U.S. audience. Never used or Vintage Camillus U.S.A. 1937. One is the "Shark.". The topic got side tracked here a little bit with the USAAC hunting knives, those with the fuller blade. The large guard is nickel Thanks! Made to cut overhead upside and it's variations check out Gary Cunningham's Bayonet Points # 8 right here Bayo Points 8 Call (03) 4245 1141 Silvey in United States Military Knives 1941-1991 again shows the Camillus as a Mark 1 in a USN Mark 1 sheath (which I think might be possible as it is certainly a better sheath in terms of durability and may have been swapped out by an air crewman in the 50s). Save my name and email to use for future comments. factory collection. The U.S. M3 knife was manufactured by 9 different companies: Aerial (Aerial Cutlery ) Unknown: Believed to be a special hunting knife made for by Wayne Goddard Did your Camillus knife go to the war? The pommel is 6mm thick. S1408: This is a prototype Camillus sent in to alter the In fact, in the 30s Camillus had the reputation of being the highest quality maker of knives in the United States. Its brand name and intellectual property rights were purchased by Acme United Corporation, which re-launched the Camillus brand in May 2009 using modern materials. The tang stamp shown here is known as Camillus' four line stamp. The contracts were 1942, & 1943. Another Bright blade (no property mark) initial production referred to as a 5-inch hunting knife, bright blade USN now referred to as the Mark 1, USN ricasso stamped with parked blade (corrosion resistant treatment compliance), late procurements with applied MARK 1 ricasso stampings. Great knife for camping or scouting I carried mine on walks in the woods. If a soldier depends on a knife, then citizens also depend on that knife. When speaking with them, make sure youre clear that youre not looking to sell. The store will not work correctly in the case when cookies are disabled. I believe youre more interested in dating the vintage ones, though, so the other era guides on that list are best suited to your needs. ULSTER TL-29 Pocket Knife Rosewood Handles Tool Lineman's . Although it would appear that their presence in the theater of operations was mostly due to them being part of certain aircraft survival kits. the markings are all the same and in the same place as the originals. In New York City. They are hard to find. Camillus (Camillus Cutlery co.) --> 404,109 pieces, and the empty draws. It is kind of interesting that the concepts the BuOrd used to formulate the design they wanted for the Mark 1 came from two knives, Pal actually made the Mark 1 closest to the drawing. While some are very rare, such as the L-76, L-77, "Bushman" and USMC parachutist knives, several examples are more ubiquitous. They did not adopt this knife, as we know the M3 was Camillus knives are one of my most favorites knives to date. If you dont have both the repro and original side by side, you might not be able to tell the difference sometimes. Can't recall seeing. Late 1944 production through till contracts were completed or cancelled in 1945, you find those knives more alike or much more similar characteristics. factory reference collection. the font is a bit off but hard to tell apart if you do not have the two According to Frank Trzaska, a military knife historian, the decision to design the M3 rather than continuing to produce the Mark 2 was based on a U.S. steel shortage. With the help Sign up for a new account in our community. Stagged Rosewood, CR guard Going into 1944, treatment of the blades became more prevalent in the manufacture. It was later made with an etch on the blade "Sportsman" The original Camillus Cutlery Company was one of the oldest knife manufacturers in the United States with roots dating back to 1876. #3 Speak with Knife Collectors and Dealers. Camillus Jolt Folding Knife. It is fixed to the blade by crushing the tang on most models. Blade length is 5 3/4 , total length is about 10 3/8. Make sure to stop by the AAPK store & shop for Camillus knives when your done here. Did you recently find a Camillus knife, and youd like to know what era it came from? Most folks don't know The other contractors made the Mark 1 in their own convenient way but conform to the basic guidelines which were granted approval. Posted June 7, 2020. The knife featured stacked leather handles, double-sided steel guards, and flat steel pommels. Its history did not stop there since it was distributed until stocks were exhausted. Sword Brand Folding Hunter 26. Thick blade and two piece rivets were replaced with a thinner Some extremely valid points! We select the most interesting fighting knives that we find online from serious collectors and militaria suppliers. Founded in 2019, has established itself as the go-to site for militaria collectors. In the 1980s, the U.S. Armed Forces discussed improving the M3. WhenBLADE writes about lives depending on knives, its not only referring to the user. factory or used by them. it's nice to finely see actual examples of the parkerized knives with no branch of service. Handles generally were stacked leathersome with fiber spacers, some without. 1200 dozen made in Unbelievable piece. Survivalists, Hunters, Military and more. This is a Camillus brass lockback. Note that the letters are all in caps & italic. The spear blade has an etch that says "Sta-Sharp" over "Chrome Plated". The first needs of the United States in combat knives appeared during the 1st World War. It doesn't get any better then this S-449 A and S-449B Prototype Hunting Knives with different 43 knives in total, all from the showroom. Its total length is 292mm (11 5/8 inches). Well Camillus didn't start making these knives with this marking until 1974 so The other side on the tang it looks like a faint serial number. This link will bring you to a reference list of shields used on Camillus knives. 3-line; non-italic fonts; short underline, 3-line; non-italic, full underline; no dots (USA., not U.S.A.), 3-line stamp; full underline; dotted U.S.A.; italics. Very fragile in spite of its reinforcements, it was quickly replaced by the M8 fiber sheath (M8 Scabbard), then finally by the M8A1 sheath (M8A1 Scabbard). Featuring a 5-to-5.25-inch flat-ground blade, the Mark 1 utility knife was adopted by the Navy as a survival-type knife with sheath. Knife Collecting: The History of the Camillus M3, Ron Popeil, TV Knife Pitchman, Passes Away, Mastersmith Lin Rhea Honored As Arkansas Living Treasure, Walter Blackie Collins: Applying The Edge To BLADE Magazine, Best Tomahawks: Our Top Hawks For Backwoods To Battlefields (2023), American Knives: Legendary Designs From The Land Of The Free, Antique Switchblades: World War II And Beyond, Knifemaking 101 Read This Before You Make a Knife, 8 Things You May Not Know About Forged in Fire. Camillus WW2 Military Rope Knife 5 out of 5 stars (97) $ 50.00. No damage or repairs. This tang stamp was used by Camillus from the later 1970s into the 1980s. This stamp has was used on Camillus knives for a very short time. Since the manufacturers maintained it themselves, its a reasonably accurate way to tell the era that a knife came from. Sears Roebucks in 9/26/1941. This knife fits in with The guard is double quillons, one of which is bent forward to allow thumb rest, its length is 57.7mm, its width is 13.3mm for a thickness of 3mm. Just look at it and you would see the same thing. the knife is a Camillus model number 5733. the M3 pommel and guard to improve their knife and help conserve parts. If the Marines had a Para knife The company then had 20 employees. They all now have similar appearances, a conformity if you will. Its manufacture although ephemeral began in March 1943 to finish in July 1944. USMC next to the current repro which graphically shows the difference. During World War I, the manufacturer cranked out over 470,000 knives for the U.S., British, Canadian and Dutch governments. This type of scabbard was manufactured only during the year 1943. contracts. That doesn't make it right, it just makes it how they were found from poor Synthetic handles have no cracks or chips. $39.00. surely wasn't in Vietnam unless it was with a tourist. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Among the "bright" finished knives you will find a variance. All of these make the recipe for a truly great knife that deserves our attention. stagged Rosewood with brass pins, S-6541 marked Guarded Version stagged Rosewood with brass Your email address will not be published. Knife collectors and dealers should still have those catalogs if you can find them. While somewhat similar the fullered blade knives are a distinct model and are most often associated with the USAAF, not the Navy. Another Kent with stagged Rosewood, brass pins and etched. The blade had a massive blood groove and upswept false edge on the spine. I would like to know what military branch this knife is and estimated year of manufacturer. Below you will find information about US made Camillus pocketknives: You will generally find a great assortment of Camillus knives up for sale here at AAPK. Its width is 21.8mm (21.8mm) and thickness is 4.5mm (4.5mm). generate quite a few questions so we hope this is a help to a few folks. This is a very nice used Camillus scout/utility knife sporting some fantastic Rogers Bone handles. It is said to have been used on knives manufactured from the early 1930s to the mid 1940s. The tang stamp shown here is known as Camillus' three line arch stamp. Both marked CAMILLUS over N.Y. but the one on the left the font is larger. like the original and with a little bit of use can be made to look old real KA-BAR, Robeson, Pal, Utica, Ontario and Camillus were the major manufacturers of the Mark 2. She found the knife with the only identifying marks showing " Cammilus New York USA". These items Unknown: Believed to be a special hunting knife made for Sears Roebucks in 9/26/1941. An unmarked prototype hunter with Stagged Rosewood and Most examples of even the 1-1967 marked knives are made with a sterile blade. Unknown Hunting Knife: Kent was a trade name used by F W The Company produced millions of knives until it filed for bankruptcy in 2007. When the USA entered the war in 1941, the combatants quickly felt the need to have a combat knife at their disposal. You can jump to the following sections if youre in a hurry, but I would advise that you dont skip this part. The M3 knife consists of 3 pressed steel parts: The blade, the hilt and the pommel washer. Many were marked for year of manufacture on the pommel nut, but some were not. Boker (H. Boker & co.) --> 31,300 pieces, Save my name and email to use for future comments. by KLJ77 Tue Mar 10, 2020 4:21 pm, Post Here is a very nice slightly used Camillus U.S.A. made No.11 "American Wildlife" Wolf howling over moon, beautiful folding lock back pocket knife with jogged Delrin scales, brass bolsters and KNIFAX: Manufacturer: Queen Brand: Queen Model: English Jack KNIFAX: Manufacturer: Camillus Brand: Camillus Model: Camillus U.S.A. military, metal frame style knife.Dated 1976. Its a day to participate in exercises expressive of our recognition of the skill, gallantry, and uncompromising devotion to duty characteristic of the Armed Forces in the carrying out of their missions,as President Harry Truman put it in 1950. Camillus started the production of 1219C2 Combat Knife, what became known as the USN Mark 2 Utility . $149.99. Still the image of that knife can be confusing. 5684 S50: Dated 8/21/1945 this design uses the Mark 2 blade, The 5th type is in fact due to manufacturing errors (forgetting to stamp the blades or guards), but the knives were still accepted by the US Army Material Department (Ordnance corp). The others that I've seen have the later arched tang stamp. SEE PICS Firstly, Adolf Kastor (Camillus, XLNT, Germania) just to name a few, oh and A.W. A metal tip was added. This is usually where I first look at when dating knives. We carry a variety of well-known brands such as Spyderco, Benchmade, Buck, Gerber, WE . The one on the right pommel nut and screw are brass. Is it a genuine vintage or merely a reproduction? Made in September 1941. survival kit knife with straight line marking. In the guides to dating Schrade knives, dating kissing crane knives, and knowing what era your ka-bar knife is from, there were a lot of years to deal with. There are also extensive catalogs on the knife brand, making my work easier. steel domed rivets. Jun 11, 2006. 5679 L36: WW II Army Air Corps knife. large bakelite pommel and multiple spacers. The Camillus Cutlery Company was one of the oldest knife manufacturers in the United States as its roots date back to 1876. By 1876, after his uncles company had to close shop due to poor sales figures, Adolph charted out a new path for himself. To make things more simple, the initial production of the 5-inch hunting knives were bright blades for most all contractors. This is a Camillus made Western Brand Texas Ranger Commemorative stockman. eBay. Most common manufacturers are CAMILLUS, IMPERIAL, PAL, UTICA, 1st Type marking (1943) : Thank you for the information glennbad. Both have black plastic pommel. Knives for Tactical, Military & Combat Use Tactical knives come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but share basic qualities. Required fields are marked *. They are back again and better then ever. Made after march 1985 to 2006. Nickel silver guards made in 1948. Second, procurements came first before the acceptance of the Mark 1 drawings. room when the company was auctioned off. These knives should be professionally serviced by a So, as far as I can tell the best evidence indicates that these were Army Air Force knives and not Navy knives. The guard was thick steel angled on top to form a thumb rest. spacer arrangements. down, risers and lines. It ius very similar to other Camillus tang stamps, so be carefull to note the details. The problem with the drawing in Cole's III is there is no description of the finish or lack of one on the knife pictured, and as you said the parkerized ones have been very hard to come across. The lower leg/quillon was marked on the front with a capital M in a circle over the number 4. The new design M3 weighed 9 ounces finished. It doesn't get much better then this one. Bone stag and CR guard made in My goal is to provide helpful information about old pocket knives relating to their identification and history. US MILITARIA FORUM - COLLECTORS PRESERVING HISTORY The purpose of this post is to list a few of the variations found in one of the most widely distributed pocketknives in the last century: the Camillus electrician-pattern knife as issued to the U.S. armed forces and other agencies. The new design that was adopted was the 6 inch JPK. They are the same size which is the size of a Mark I or Jet Fighter Pilot Knife. The original design of this 5" blade is, I believe, a pre-war Marbles design which was known as the "Ideal", a #45. repro has a very short and sharply curved false edge. To understand the Camillus M3, you need to know a bit about the history of the company that originally designed it. This is a "Standard Scout" made by Camillus. the knife not a saw back. After camillus used up their remaining supply of dated pommels Camillus started using the tang stamping again on the blades. A blade left over from the 1966 production was used to make that 1-1967 5733 knife. The design was not adopted. USMC Raider reproduction with fine pewter handle. Of course, they were sharp and most of them are older than us, but that doesnt mean we lost interest. It is further described as "Used in all types of emergency kits." SPRING HILL CUTLERY (eBay: bargainseller02). Here is a very nice hardlyused if at all, vintage 1979 Camillus U.S.A. made military issue Multi-Tool 4 blade survival knife with the following tools, knife blade with the original Vintage Camillus, New York (Heavy Duty, not cheap novilty quality, but real good quality) 2 Blade Large Cigar Knife (CM8005) TANG STAMPS: CAMILLUS NEW YORK USA 89 . More formal details weren't adopted until the close of 1943, this leaves at least 6 months of production and ordering of materials from contractors. Our tactical knives include a range of folding, fixed blade and neck . The pommel was flat steel and pinned to the tang. The handle diameter was larger (1.2 inches wide) and had a pinned-on stepped pommel 1.35 inches wide. I believe these are commonly known as a PSK (Pilot Survival Knife). This guide to dating Camillus knives is focused on the Camillus-stamped knives only. On the blade -> Manufacturer's name + Type ex : PAL USM3, 3rd Type marking (1944) : The M3 knife consists of 3 pressed steel parts: The blade, the hilt and the pommel washer. In 1902, Adolph Kastor, a powerhouse of a leader, bought Camillus and the company grew quickly. When Camillus started remaking their WW2 style USMC marked knives for the civilian market- they changed the bade grind near the tip, and marked USMC on the blade along with a more modern civilian Camillus cutlery marking. If you are interested in the Camillus M4 Any review of World War II military fixed blades must include several examples of Western knives. It has a couple of chips out of the bone on the pile side and the tip is broken off the caplifter. Its 120m long handle is made of a stack of leather washers. hunting knife. View on eBay. Sword Brand Stockman 78 NIB, Camillus U.S.A. VINTAGE WW2 MILITARY CAMILLUS TL-29 LINEMANS KNIFE USA 1930-40. Thick blade and two piece rivets were replaced with a thinner blade and solid spun rivets for the military. Tom said that the Government contract was cancelled in 1984. 5665 J86: Prototype dated 3/25/1942 made for the Army Keen Kutter etched in blade and tang marked Sharpleigh / Camillus produced some 13 million knives for the US military during the war, which included the famous Marine Corps Raider Stiletto, M-3 Trench Knives, USMC Mark 2 and USN Mark 2 knives and TL-29 Signal Corps pocket knives, among many others. by KLJ77 Tue Mar 10, 2020 6:27 pm, Post The brand started using tang stamps early enough, making it easy to tell the age of a Camillus knife. That is why,, Read More How to Date a Schrade Knife (+ Schrade Knife Collection Tang Stamp Chart)Continue. Knife #1 and #2 were never found in the factory collection years ago, this But there are clever reproductions that can fool you into thinking its the real thing. Instead, he sought out a smaller cutlery brand in Camillus and joined the management team. If you check the pommel (end of the handle) under magnification, you may see a year stamp. Most of the knives shown I have factory documentation on from the this out before you buy. I appreciate you writing this post and the rest of the site is very good. Today, its time to date the Cattaraugus knife to a specific era and see what beauty you have, Read More How to Date a Cattaraugus Knife (5 Methods Explained)Continue, I have written different guides on how to date different knives to a specific era but this one is different. Note the scabbards with and without sheet metal tip protectors. S-4007 hand marked on the blade, Guardless and serrated In fact, I believe that learning how to date a ka-bar knife requires more attention to detail and a couple of more moving parts than when we were dealing with the Kissing Crane, Read More How to Date A Ka-Bar Knife (5 Unique Methods)Continue, If you have a Schrade knife that you maybe find in the attic or was passed down to you by an older person, you might be sitting on a nice collectors item there. Item # 78828. About 3 3/4" long. Because of this, an exact dating system is impossible. I have never seen that variation. That stamp is different than the one used earlier. $65.00. The M3 was designed to meet a shortage of combat knives, especially in early 1942. Camillus Factory still shot courtesy of Tom Williams showing the M3 and the M4 reproductions. This is the knife as adopted, kept for the Another part of the group has This is it. current model. Here are some ways to identify a fake Camillus knife: If youre in the market for a vintage Camillus knife, make sure you know how to tell the real deal apart from the repros. It is WW II era and dual tang marked and etched. The blade design is different then the Camillus used different sized stamps on their MK1s, believe there were 3 distinct sizes. (see photos). Multitool knife: Some knife designs from Camillus contain . of Tom Williams, Camillus factory historian, I have assembled the,, U.S. M8 + Manufacturer's name To remedy this problem the US Army had the Trench Knifes Mle1917, Mle1918 and Mle1918 mk1 manufactured. You will also find examples of the otherwise same knife only with the blade finished bright. Many people think this was when Adolph founded the Camillus knife company, but that is not so. The first three lines are virtually identical, but the fourth has an added bonus in that it sports the the year of manufacture alongside the U.S.A. Free Shipping $99. 11 "AMERICAM WILDLIFE" WOLF HOWLING OVER MOON JIGGED DELRIN USED LOCKBACK POCKET KNIFE, Queen 1993 Winterbottom Bone English Jack, Camillus 3-Line Sawcut Bone Barlow (51 pattern), VINTAGE CAMILLUS POWR KRAFT USA 4 BLADE STOCKMAN FOLDING POCKET KNIFE KNIVES OLD. For all that good, though, some bad actors have learned how to make fake Camillus knives and pass them off as vintage.
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